Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Exclusivity of Cannes

I found an informative web site for those wondering how in the world to get into the Cannes Film Festival.

Here's an overview of your options to recieve accredidation:
  • Industry professionals (thought I'd get the obvious out of the way)
  • submit a short film to the short film corner
  • get market accredidation (need to work for a company that is in the film industry or serves it)
  • Intern (how I got my accredidation last year- through The American Pavilion.)

Interning for AMPAV was best since it was my first time at the festival. Keep in mind you have to work six hours a day, but you have people around you who are seasoned festival goers. Plus it was great having knowledgeable mentors in a place that is extremely overwhelming for the first time.

They really do a great job of keeping it a place for film industry professionals. They aren't going to let just anyone in. That's the great thing about Cannes. You never know who you may be talking to. Opportunity is around every corner...if not right in front of you.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Forget Inglourious is Bloody

Apparently it's not too early to keep your ears open to films that will be shown at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Already there are reports that a film by Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami, will be shown at next year's festival.

The film, Certified Copy, was shot in Tuscany; so I have an inkling the cinematography will have something to offer. It stars French actress Juliette Binoche of Chocolat, Bee Season, and Dan in Real Life- to name a few.

Kiarostami is no newbie to the festival. In 1997 he won the Golden Palm award for his film Ta'm e guilass, and was nominated two other years for the award.

In other somewhat unrelated news:
A friend and I went to see Inglourious Basterds last week. I saw it at the festival, and loved it. But I had somehow forgotten how bloody it is. She's not very fond of blood... Woops.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Not Over!

So I've been thinking...and I don't want to stop my blog just because I went to Cannes once. I want to go again!

I am going to be working on a short film in my final semester of undergrad. And I am going to submit it to the Cannes short corner so I can go back for Cannes 2010.

In the meantime I will update on everything I find out about Cannes 2010, and any newsworthy info on the Cannes Film Festival past and present.

Keep checking back! I'll also update on how the making of the short goes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Post Cannes 2009

Cannes was a success. I learned more than I could have ever imagined, saw some amazing movies, made some great contacts, and we'll see where I go from here. The possibilities really are endless!

I have a new blog now: Everything I've Never Done. Check it out! Should be entertaining!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Short & Sweet

I joined the 21st century and bought a digital camera so I can document my experience at Cannes. Only six more days until I arrive there. Expect pictures the last week of May!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanna buy my Screenplay?

I have a script to pitch when I am at the festival. I'll have no idea what I am doing, but what better way to learn than by trying. I know it's a cut throat industry, and I'm not one of those people that lives with their head in the clouds. But I'm also an optimist.

My best friend and I wrote this script beginning in August of 2007. We completed it in two months...extremely quickly. Basically I was staying up all night writing and then I would be thinking about it all day while I was working at my job at the time. I loathed that job so having that script to focus on really got me through some difficult days.

Then a cool thing happend. One day in June when we were really hoping for a lead someway, somehow, fate stepped in when my gregarious best friend began talking with a lady. Lo and behold the lady revealed that she is a writer/producer and about to start filming something in Saint Augustine.

So she read our script. She liked it. We met with her. She gave us tips on improving it. (She sat down with us and went throught it with us page by page! She is amazing.) Told us she had a director in mind, but it depended on the director's schedule.

That was last summer. My best friend and I didn't hear from her after our last meeting in July. We assume it is because the director she had in mind is a producer of One Tree Hill, and it got picked up for another season (when she thought it may be the show's last year). And we never inquired anymore about it because our screenplay is based on true events, and we were still somewhat amongst the plotline of the story...things happend in August and the months following that didn't leave us in a place where we were ready to delve into any project regarding it. We were still growing and changing from the exact plotline our story is based on (talk about art imitating life).

But now, I am going to Cannes. And the plotline for the screenplay has become a part of our past. The timing is beautiful. So I am going to hand it off to every industry professional I can. I'm definitely nervous. I won't have any clue as to what I am doing. But I am hoping that somehow my naivety will help me out.

If anyone has any tips at all please share them with me. I believe in this screenplay more than anything, and I know it needs to be made into a film. It's something that every girl from the age of 16-22 should see. It's about heartbreak, and the different forms of it we are faced with depending on what life pitches us. More importantly it's about surviving it, and coming out a stronger person as a result of it.

It's not like any other, but just to give you a grasp on the overall feel I compare it to Garden State and Little Miss Sunshine (not plot, but feel.)

Another plus, it can be made on an extremely low budget. I'll make it myself if I have to (and would love to) But...I need a $$producer$$ and a crew!

5 more weeks...